Sunday, April 19, 2009


The last few days have seen some pretty impressive milestones...

On Wednesday night, Bryan and I attended kindergarten round-up and enrolled our first born. I thought merely attending the meeting would make me anxious, but I am happy to report that I felt right at home, filled out all the forms required, joined the PTA, paid our enrollment fee and eagerly toured the classrooms and kindergarten pod. It is an amazing school and the staff we met were very approachable. The next day we drove Zach though carloop (not DURING carloop!) and he said, "Great! Looks like what I do at preschool. I'm ready! When do I start?" We are all looking forward to next school year. Zach is going to have so much fun and I'm excited to see what this next season holds for us.

Tonight marks another much-anticipated accomplishment... Luke is officially potty trained AND Zach is sleeping without a pull-up for the first time. Way to go, guys!

Meet Hauler and Big Rob - Luke's prize for no more accidents

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LC said...

I am so happy to hear that your round-up went so well. I know this has been on your heart and I pray that you will feel God guiding you through your next 'season'

WTG Luke!!