Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday weekend

Seems like we've been going non-stop since the middle of last week... Oh yea, we have. Soccer practice Wednesday night, cleaning and party prep Thursday morning, meeting with Room Moms Thursday afternoon, more cleaning on Friday morning, and then Zach and I spent the rest of Friday at school. All the stars aligned for an amazing birthday! On Friday, Zachary turned SIX! His school's lap-a-thon was that day (complete with popsicle), then the high school homecoming parade after that (candy), I volunteered in his class all afternoon, and we had birthday treats during recess. Since we didn't have enough activity or sugar that day, we also had Bryan's family over to help us celebrate that night.

"Aaaah! REAL doctor tools!"

One of his favorite gifts. He wants to be an eye doctor when he grows up and his old toy equipment just wasn't doing it for him anymore. He wanted the real deal!

Headed to bed, but look who's still six.


On Sunday we had a few friends over to help us celebrate. Twenty-three little friends, to be exact. I heard a lot of "brave", "crazy" and "oh my's" regarding the number of kids coming, but we say the more the merrier. Since there are 13 boys and only 6 girls in his class, we knew we didn't want to make it an all boys affair and leave a handful of girls out. Plus, ALL of our neighborhood friends are girls! So, we invited the entire class, our neighborhood friends and a couple other dear friends that we've known for years. It was high energy, exhausting fun!

Before... Ready to hit the obstacle course!

After... With so many kids to supervise and keep safe, I took very few pictures during the obstacle course fun. But this is what they left us with after the party.

"Capture the villain!"
The kids enjoyed tying bad guys up with toilet paper. They are now well educated in how to TP, so watch your neighborhood trees!

The kids had a blast watching Zach open gifts. They couldn't wait till it was "their turn" to go up front and be with the birthday boy. And Zach LOVED all the cards, drawings and gifts.

Friends serenade the birthday boy.

We ate under a tent out front.

My favorite cake face of the day. Check out all the blue on his face... and notice the plate! He ate his ice cream and the icing, but not the cake! Precious.

We had a wonderful time celebrating Zach's SUPER 6th birthday. We are so very grateful and overwhelmed by all of the friends and family who helped us celebrate. God is so good. We know that each of you is a GIFT from Him to US.

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The Rutledges..... said...

Looks like it all went really well! I know you were thankful for the nice do all of the fun things that you had planned. Can you believe you have a 6 year old little guy? It's crazy how fast they grow up.