Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where do babies come from?

The main characters:
Luke, age 3 years 2 months
Zach, age 6 tomorrow
Me, old enough to have ALL the answers


Luke: "Mommy, who's the guy who hands out babies?"

Me: "Um... I'm not sure what you're referring to (who picks this child's movies??), but God gives mommies and daddies babies. He puts the babies in mommies' tummies. And Dr. C. and other doctors like him help keep babies healthy while they grow in their mommies' tummies and then they deliver the babies when they're ready to come out."

Zach: "DADDIES help too!"

Me: (trying not to choke) "Uh huh. Daddies do help." (thinking, "Please don't ask, please don't ask, please don't ask.")

Zach: "When was Daddy a doctor?"

Me: (thinking, "YES! YES! YES! He didn't ask!!!") "Daddy was never a doctor. He helped me when it was time for you boys to be born. He held my hand, said things that were encouraging and held a puke basin for hours while I threw up.... on him once."


I am relieved that the conversation ended here and no one asked how babies come out of their mommies' tummies. We're saving that (and all the other details I left out) for another day. Hopefully one when Daddy's here!

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Cori said...

Okay first of all, I just read this, but I started my post identically.....great minds think alike. :)
Secondly, whew! I too have so far gotten away with "God puts babies in mommies' tummies." How long will that answer satisfy? It's true....mostly.