Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kindergarten book log

Zach's teacher has the kids complete book reading logs. For every ten books they read, they get a star on their bookmark.

Zach added a book to the log all by himself today. When I took a look, I was surprised at what he'd written down. "Going Potty An Interactive Book with". He ran out of room to finish the subtitle... "An Interactive Book with Flaps, Magic Wheels, and Pull-tabs".

I don't even know why we have this book! Luke has been potty trained for months. When I asked Zach why he read the book he said, "It's so fun! It has all those pull tabs and spinning things!! The toilet even flushes!"

We're all about fun around here. Hope Mrs. H. enjoys a good laugh when she reads through Zach's log.

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