Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How's school going?

We are five weeks into school and I'd say we've figured out our daily routine, weekly schedule, and even how we fit in at school. I don't mean "fit in" in the popularity sense, but as in our roles at school. Zach understands the green, yellow and red days (based on behavior), the school rules, the expectations of him, and (regretfully) he's well aware of the consequences of violating the "more important" rules (not that they're not all important, but chatting is one thing, and then there are more severe infractions). He's had one yellow day (but might have been red if it wasn't his first offense) and lost some pretty sweet privileges at home as a result. We talked a lot about what happened. How it showed a lack of self-control and no respect for his teacher and classmates, and how he might have really hurt his teacher's feelings. A few days later he showed sincere remorse by apologizing to the teacher while his heart did "tumble rolls" because he was so nervous and felt so sorry. The apology was something we said he should do, but we did not force him nor did we tell him how or when he should do it. He did it all on his own. We were not happy about the incident, but we are pleased with the valuable lesson he learned.

Zachary has also made several friends. He has been playing with the same groups of kids since the beginning of the school year, and they're the kids whose faces and names he knows when we bump into them outside of school (he still doesn't know all of his classmates' names). We invited his entire class to his birthday party, but interestingly enough it was the kids he refers to as "his buddies" who came. So... I'd say that he actually does know who his friends are and they know too! (Before kindergarten he would say "I don't know -- EVERYONE." if asked to list his friends.)

It took an entire week for Zach to figure out how carloop worked. While waiting in a school hallway, he has to listen for his name over a loudspeaker to call him to come outside. Once outside, he has to listen for his name over the megaphone to tell him which cone to go to for pick-up. With hundreds of other kids, cars, teachers... Well, it's a little chaotic for a first time school kid. He would just stand around till a teacher took him by his hand to where he needed to go. A week into school, he decided he wanted to try being a "walker". I told him that he had to master carloop first, and the very next day he was RUNNING each time his name was called! Mission accomplished. Carloop mastered. However, since 2.2 miles is too far for Luke to walk and he will not ride in a stroller, walking all the way too or from school is not an option (it's 1.1 miles away, but Luke and I would have to walk there and back). So, I parked in front of a friend's house a couple of blocks from school and Luke and I walked to school to meet Zach out front. He was a walker for a week before the thrill was over and he and Luke wanted to go back to car riding.

As for me... I am signed up to volunteer in class the second Wednesday of every month. My first time doing it was last Friday. I made copies in the work room, which gave me a chance to talk a little with some of the office staff and another volunteer. I went to recess with the class, which gave me the chance to see the kids at play and chat with the kindergarten teachers and paras. There were other parents at the school too, so we exchanged pleasantries in passing in the hall. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking forward to helping out throughout the year.

I am also a class Room Mom. There are two in our class, and two in the morning class. The four of us met last week to plan the upcoming Halloween party. So far, my co-Room Mom and I are having a great time. We have a lot of fun planned for the kids... and are also enjoying our growing friendship. Being a school mom is fun!

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