Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The big red barn

There is this old barn just a few miles from where we live. I've wanted to go "explore" and take pictures around it for months. We finally made it over on Sunday... It wasn't something we'd planned in advance, so our outfits were picked from the limited amount of clean laundry we had (Luke insisted on having a button-up shirt over his tee like Daddy - never mind that it's too small!), and Zach wasn't in the best of moods. For a little while, he was whining things like "The sun's in my eyes." "I'm tired of looking." "Can I go to the van?" Still, we managed to get some pictures that I just love. I can hardly believe how many I'm in! That very rarely happens. Thanks, Bryan and thanks to our tripod and the self-timer...

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