Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fall fun... and foliage

The weather will only get colder, so we have taken every opportunity to play outdoors. We've hit parks before and after school, and have enjoyed outdoor birthday parties... Regretfully, all of our recent soccer games have been "rained out", even on gorgeous days (fields were too wet from rain in the days before).

The boys call this the "great cliff".
It's actually part of a water feature of a nearby subdivision!

On our back deck... These are the pictures I was taking when that pesky bird flew into our house!

Riding ponies at our friends' birthday party... I find it funny that their first experience riding a "horse" was in the middle of a subdivision just up the street! No country boys here.

Playing at a park on the way home from school... Hard to believe this was just yesterday. Both boys are sick today. Not so smiley and happy right now...
Did you know that hedge apples are known to keep spiders away? They are also good for bowling, if your park slides
are too wet to play on!
Playing in our front yard while waiting for Daddy to get home. I'm trying to decide if it is more fun to be this age or to have children this age. Either way, it is pure bliss!

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