Monday, October 12, 2009

Not me Monday!

I have been reading MckMama's Not Me Monday posts for some time, but have never participated. Since I actually did (not do) a few things that are worth a laugh (or gasp!) in the last week, I thought I'd share.

I did not breeze through three days of a full house with little friends over Monday thru Wednesday before school, only to completely lose track of the day of the week by Thursday.

I did not wipe a booger with my bare hand from my son's nose and proceed to wipe it on the bottom of my shoe after soccer practice.

I did not make a doctor's appointment for my son on Tuesday, only to cancel it via voicemail early Thursday morning.

I did not put Luke down for a nap at 1pm on Friday, only to realize at 1:47 that he had a 2pm eye exam. I did not pluck him from his cozy bed, prop him up (while half asleep) in front of the toilet, redress him and buckle him into the van sans shoes to head to the eye doctor. I did not arrive only two minutes late. And I did not put his shoes on after we checked in.

I did not drop part of a Klondike Bar on my bed... because I would never eat a Klondike Bar late at night or in my bed!

As Bryan worked on Saturday, I was not completely exhausted. I did not allow the kids to play unsupervised for an hour while I did not repeatedly shout "be quiet" from my bed. My children did not completely destroy their playroom.

I did not allow the entire house to fall down around me over the weekend.

Last night, we did not spend an outrageous amount of money to take our kids to the movies instead of just renting Monsters Vs. Aliens at Red Box for a buck. We also did not pay extra for 3D. And I did not sneak snacks and bottled water into the theater in my purse.

This morning, I did not draft my first letter as Co-Room Mom to our classroom parents, saying that our Halloween party would be next week (wrong) and that we needed all donations by Thanksgiving (also wrong). And thank goodness my Co-Room Mom did proofread the letter and notify me of the things I did not get wrong.

I obviously do not need to get more sleep. I do not need to prioritize. I do not need to pay closer attention to detail. And I do not need to take a peek each day at the calendar and perhaps set alarms. Kleenex would not be helpful on the soccer field either.

Hope you've enjoyed a laugh at my expense... Would love to hear what you have and have not been up to!

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Joyce said...

I'm just hopping around today from McMammas...loved your not me post : )

Have a great day!