Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our funny day

Would you agree that kids say the funniest things? Yesterday morning Zach walked into the kitchen and proudly announced, "I just did 35 push-ups!" Luke replied, "Now try some push-downs."

Later in the day, Luke and I were taking a few pictures on the back deck. I'd left the back door open for all of two minutes... All of the sudden I heard what I thought was a squeaking noise coming from the kitchen. Annoyed that the dog had another of the kids toys, I headed inside to scold him and found a bird flying into the living room! Not knowing what to do - and having images of this thing dive-bombing my three year old - I called our vet, who referred us to Wildlife Rescue. I felt this was kind of urgent - you know, with the dive-bombing and all - but the Wildlife guy acted like it was no big deal. He said I'd need to use a net to catch him. To that I said, "What if I don't have a net? Is my only other option to hit him with a broom and kill him?" Wildlife guy responded with, "Well, I can't tell you what to do, but I'd try the net." As if on cue, Luke grabbed a fly swatter and shouted "I CAN'T WAIT TO KILL THE BIRD!"

I've laughed myself to tears several times thinking about what the Wildlife guy must have thought. First me with the broom comment and then my sweet little boy sounding like a serial killer in training.

Even though I was afraid of being dive-bombed, I already had the camera in hand and a blog post to write later. Of course, pictures were in order!

For you PETA folks, I wouldn't have called Wildlife Rescue if I didn't want to rescue the poor thing. Killing was never my desire, but the Wildlife guy didn't give me any other suggestions on how to get him out of the house!!! Thankfully, I had the bright idea to throw open all the doors and the little fella went back out the way he came in.

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