Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas at our house

Over the years, our Christmas Day has evolved into a day spent at our own house. We get out of bed around 7am... Either Bryan or I sneak downstairs to open the blinds and turn on the tree lights, get the camera and camcorder ready, and the other parent comes down with the kids.

By this time, the boys are so used to the tree that it's hardly noticed... The gifts and overflowing stockings, however, are not missed!

As the kids tear through their stockings, I throw cinnamon rolls and a breakfast pizza in the oven and turn on the coffee pot. When I rejoin the family in the living room, we proceed to open the gifts under the tree.

After gifts, we'll sit together for breakfast... served with sliced strawberries and bananas and orange juice! Most of the time, a toy or two is brought to the table. It's Christmas, so that rule can be bent.

We have a wide-open door on Christmas. Bryan's parents and Granny stop by at some point, staying as long as they'd like. I'll make the usual brisket, salad, baked potato casserole and green beans... Making enough for company if they're here at meal time.

And we always celebrate Jesus' birthday with a cake that the kids and I bake. This year they'd like for me to add 2,000 candles since he'd be more than 2,000 years old. Jesus' party would not be complete without semi-frozen sparkling red grape juice. Luke will most definitely raise his glass for a clink, saying "Cheers!" with his nearly-permanent broad smile pasted on his face.

I absolutely love our slow Christmases, where we can stay in jammies all day if we want and visitors pop in and out as their schedules permit. This year a white Christmas is being predicted. We won't hold our breath, but we are crossing fingers! We think that adding sledding, snow angels and snowmen to our Christmas Day would be absolutely dreamy.

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