Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sick days

Zachary was home sick yesterday... When I put him to bed last night, he was running a fever again. So was Luke. I gave them both some Motrin and was thrilled that the both of the boys slept through the night and woke up fever-free. But school was out of the question... To get out of the house, I decided we'd drive through McDonald's for lunch and run to a craft store for supplies for Zach's (winter) CHRISTMAS party.

The kids feel perfectly fine today. There's just that fever free for 24 hours rule at school.

While at craft store #1 Zach broke one thing. Luke broke two. I couldn't believe it. They have NEVER broken anything at a store. I guess all the Christmas stuff is a bit more delicate than the everyday stuff... We had to run into a second craft store to look at their (holiday) ribbon. I hate that we don't celebrate CHRISTMAS... nor can we say CHRISTMAS... in public school. So.. Anyway... Luke broke another thing at the second store. And it was a foam craft project! How does one break foam?

Anyway, the kids are driving me a little nuts today. They are in their beds right now, giving Mommy a time out. Did I mention that one of my kids bit the other just minutes before I sent them up to rest? I'm guessing they are feeling a bit cagey today.

So... As they are laying in separate bunks, I can hear them talking. Luke: "Hey, Zach? I love you." "Luke, I love you too. You're a good brother. The best!"

After hearing that, they're bugging me a little less... A lot less, actually. I should probably bundle them up and let them go play out back for a little while. Maybe that would result in more I love you's and less bite marks.

(I let the boys out of their beds a few minutes ago... They've gone downstairs to play together and so far I've heard Luke tell Zach that he loves him three times. Sweet, sweet brothers.)

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