Thursday, December 31, 2009

Morning chatter

Luke said all of this before I even opened my eyes today...

"I'm here because I need a drink and my cup is empty. I also want to snuggle. No, I really want to stay here with you." (2:45am)

"Why is Daddy's bottom on my hand?" (3am... If I'd had the energy, I'd have said, "Um, because you shoved your way into our bed. Into the tiny sliver of bed that was previously my spot! And your hand is on his bottom, not the other way around.)

"Mommy, what are you doing in here?" (His bed - alone - 7:15am. I would have said, "Because I ran away from all the tossing, turning, kicking and shoving you were doing on MY side of MY bed!")

"But, Mommy, we can get up now. The lights are on outside!"

"That's my foot's shadow."

"No, Zach, we don't have room for three." (To snuggle... We made room.)

"Is Uncle Jim 5? Oh, he's 40... That's almost 60!"

"We're ready to go out and sled now!" (After I tried repeatedly to get them outside yesterday with no luck.)

"Is it time for the pinata yet?"

I suspect that last question will be asked over and over today...

I'm hoping that the new year will bring fewer and fewer wee-hours-of-the-morning visits with Luke. I'm afraid it's going to require something like a gate on his bedroom door though! It's a good thing he's so cute and funny.

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