Monday, December 7, 2009

I want to be a husband and mommy

Lately Luke has been telling me that when he grows up he wants to be "an excellent husband and mommy". I correct him and say daddy, but he insists mommy.

As I thought about him today, I had to agree that mommy is more his speed right now. He is truly a little mini-me. A mother hen.

He is frequently spotted near me. If I'm doing dishes, he's clearing the table. If I call Zach up for a bath, Luke is shouting, "Zachary, time to come up for your bath!" the moment I pause for a breath. If I'm doing laundry, Luke is doing laundry. He even disciplines the dog. I don't think I say this... but I frequently hear Luke saying, "Bad dog!" when Apollo gets into his stuffed animals or snags a bite of the kids' food. He also lets the dog out when the dog needs it, and takes him to his kennel anytime Luke thinks he needs that.

If I ask the kids to help me with something, Luke is the first to jump at the chance and almost always insists that he do it without Zach's help. If there is a child nearby that is (or even appears to be) younger than Luke, he's all over it. He loves babies... even those babies that are mere months younger or a couple of inches and pounds smaller! He's convinced that he's their mentor.

Luke is such a little shadow... He delights in doing the things that Mom does. And Mom thinks it's sweet and appreciates all the help! In time, I'm sure his desires will change. He will eventually decide that he wants to grow up to be an excellent husband and father. And I'm convinced that he will be well-equipped for that... He has a wonderful role model.

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