Saturday, December 5, 2009

Finally a sleepover

Over the last couple of years I have daydreamed about what sleepovers at the Shrader house would be like. We'd do crafts, play games, eat fun foods, build forts... Do special things and not the usual.

Well, the day was finally upon us. Our first sleepover!

Earlier in the week, I'd formulated my plan. Make homemade pizzas, bake sugar cookies, ice & decorate the cookies, maybe do a craft, watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Then Wednesday hit - and so did fevers and sore throats. I was home with sick kids for two days, so I didn't run the necessary cookie errand. Luke and I didn't sleep well on Thursday night and I was so tired and cranky on Friday morning that even I couldn't stand myself. I had to nap... Which meant I didn't bake the cookies or make (buy - I'd decided to just buy it to save time and effort) the icing. So, no cookies on Friday night.

When the kids got home from school, they wanted to play Wii. I let them. And as I discussed my plans for homemade pizza with Bryan, he asked if we could just order Pizza Hut. So, we did.

Honestly, I was pretty bummed with my failed plans. The kids, however, were oblivious and had a great time! We never play Wii when we have company, so Zach and his buddy were in heaven. And everyone enjoyed our Pizza Hut picnic on the living room floor while we watched Rudolph. That was unusual and special.

Also special was bedtime... I'd tucked each of the boys into their beds and asked who'd like to pray before bed. All three boys threw up a hand and shouted, "ME!" Luke went first... Thanking God for our day and the time we spent together. Zachary went next... Thanking God for friends, sleepovers and Baby Jesus. And our young friend went third... Thanking God for cousins, friends, sleepovers and snow. It was sweet.

This morning I took the three boys to our church for a Christmas event. There was a different activity in each of the classrooms... So many that we actually had to skip some in order to finish in two hours!

The boys decorated Christmas tree ornaments... I love that Zach used markers on his angel and said that she had "heaven skin".

In this room the kids were able to touch and feel some of the things Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus encountered on their way to and in Bethlehem. Zachary now has an idea of how Baby Jesus felt laying in the manger on a bed of hay.

In another room the kids got to spread the good news! This is Zach's note to his brother. It reads, "Dear Luke, Jesus was born."

The worship center was transformed into the journey to Bethlehem. Mrs. Brenda is reading the beginning of the story, where the angel comes to Mary and tells her that
she will have a baby.

Our savior is born!

Zach, W., and Luke

I pray that these boys will live their lives at the foot of the cross.

So, our first sleepover didn't go as I'd had daydreamed... But it was wonderfully perfect. Maybe next time I'll have a handle on cookies and crafts. Maybe not.


molly pat said...

Will had such a great time. He came home and asked if he could just stay one more night at Zach's house. Thank you for sharing so much love with my son. He feels right at home with your family. I can't tell you what a comfort it is to me to have you in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics! I love the one where Brenda is reading the story of Jesus' birth. The look on the boys face, listening so intently melt my heart. So sweet!