Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gone sleddin'

On December 25, 2009 Zach learned a valuable lesson... Bigger is not always better. For weeks he'd been admiring the bigger packages under the tree. As he tore through the wrapping of those coveted biggest gifts he was sorely disappointed. He and Luke got new winter coats, and Zach got a new pair of snow bibs. They were bulky, bigger boxes... But their contents were boring. He didn't say that, but the expression on his face was unmistakable. However, being the wise mother that I am, I knew he'd soon find the value in these new boring gifts.

After all, I did order up buckets of snow for Christmas! What a mom.

We hit the big hill for some family fun the day after Christmas. The kids were warm and dry. As we piled back into the van an hour or so later, Zach told us just how much he loves his new winter gear. Luke especially loves his snowboarder jacket, as he likes to call it.

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