Thursday, July 8, 2010


I was putting away laundry early this morning as my husband lay sleeping in the bed directly behind me.  I was loading his t-shirts into his drawer when I thought to myself "I wonder how Bryan feels when he reaches for his t-shirt drawer expecting it to be almost completely empty, and finds that a dozen of his favorite gray t-shirts have been laundered, neatly folded and restocked in the drawer.  He must feel like we have a laundry fairy!" That made me smile.

Boy I wish we really did have a laundry fairy.

Then I realized that if I ever peeked at our checking account balance I would feel that same sort of pleasant surprise.  I have a money-depositing fairy!  You know, I've earned little more than a dime in the last seven years.

So thankful for my money-depositing fairy.  Just as I'm sure Bryan's thankful for his laundry fairy.

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Marci said...

How funny! We had a similar conversation recently. I asked Steve his thoughts on the "magic" that occurs when his dirty clothes magically go from the hamper to being neatly folded and clean in his drawer. He replied that it must feel like the same magic that occurs with my checking account. ;) Point taken!