Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 4th celebrations

We are wild about red, white and blue.  Stars and stripes.  BBQ.  Friends.  Fireworks.  Fireflies.  And freedom.  Independence Day is certainly cause for celebration!

We had a party on Friday night with  neighbors - great food at our house, fireworks next door.  The boys "camped" after all the festivities.

The Flags for Freedom display is awesome.

We spent much of the Fourth just hanging out at home.  We enjoyed some fire-less fireworks at home, and then went out to Grandpa's after dark to let off the rest...between bouts of pouring rain.

Fourth of July...  Just marvelous!

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Jaime Leigh said...

Looks like big fun for your family this past 4th!!! Love the name of your blog...I to am surrounded by boys =)