Friday, July 30, 2010

He's a KID now!

When my husband was a child, there was an exact moment when he became "a kid".  This was on his 4th birthday.  The.  Big.  Day.

And now, that big day has happened in the lives of every member of our family.  Luke turned four yesterday.

A.  Kid.  He's a kid now!

He had art parties...

One in the morning with a few little friends.  We painted birdhouses and made tissue paper dinosaurs, and iced our own cupcakes.  (Take that, Cake Boss!) 


And one in the evening with family.  We iced our own cupcakes again, and also worked on a "mural" that all of our party guests were invited to help with.

The cousins spent a lot of time playing up in the boys' bedroom.  I peeked in, and this is what I found.

All he wanted for his birthday was "art stuff".

Wish granted.  No shortage of art stuff around here.

He had a wonderful birthday.  The parties celebrated him completely!  He's funny, creative, and loves to have a lot of people around.

Luke, you are a blessing beyond our wildest imaginations.  You are hysterically funny.  Yours is a God-given sense of humor, with perfect comedic timing and a sharp wit.  You delight in sitting with paper and something to create with.  You paint slowly, with detail and precision in mind always.  You are an artist, without question.  You are one FUN kid.  Happy birthday to the most amazing four year old we know!  We love you.  Welcome to KIDhood.

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