Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They make me laugh till I cry

Bryan: "Luke, stop that. Do you need to go to your room?"
Luke: "No... Do YOU need to go to YOUR room?"
~Jan. 12

Luke: "It's a glizzard outside!"
~Jan. 16

Leanna: "You want to join us as we sing and dance?"
Luke: "No. Maybe when I'm nine. For now, I'll just sing Thriller."
~June 15, VBS

Luke (just rolled out of bed, holding his stomach): "I feel the privilege of sickness in my brain."
~June 23

Luke (son of an electrician):  “Careful!  That will electrokill you!”
~July 8

Luke:  “I went off the cannon balling board at the pool today!”
~July 9

Luke (when asked why he woke up topless):  “I slept like a boxer.”
~July 11

Luke: “…and I pray that I won’t get sick, or hurt, or shot, or killed, or arrested…”
~July 13

Sign hanging on the boys' bedroom door .
~July 1

Zach:  "I think we picked the right dog... Apollo runs around like crazy, just like me!"
~Jan. 14

Zach:  "Luke, don't be like the guys who killed Jesus!"
~June 21

Zach (Mad Libs story):  "Here is chef Grandpa's award-flower-picking recipe for roast leg of elephant. Choose a leg weighing about two boxes. Remove excess cheese. Add 5 cloves of garlic, peeled and ripped. Season with 2 tablespoons of chopped apple. Add a tablespoon of juice. Sprinkle with a touch of flat salt. Add a pinch of ground aqua marine bag. Cook at 350 dinosaurs for 300 minutes. Remove from the oven when the skin is blue. Serve with mashed eyeballs and an ear."
~June 24

Zach:  "Without my glasses, you look like a puff ball."
~June 28

Zach (boys are playing Family Feud in the bathtub):  "Top 7 answers on the board.  Name my favorite superheroes."
~July 5

Zach (exasperated because Luke would rather color right now):  "Luke, what do you love more?  ME or a COLORING BOOK?!"
Luke:  "Coloring."
(insert whining here...)
Luke:  "Why don't we just agree to disagree?  I love you and coloring, but I want to color right now."
~July 14

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