Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coffee moms

Every morning, on the way to drop Zach off at school, I pass what I refer to as the "Coffee Moms Club".  At 8:35 every weekday morning, this group of women can be found at the end of a driveway, still in their jammies, standing around, drinking coffee together.  I assume that they have just gotten their school kids off for the day.  Their younger children play together as the moms talk.  When I drive back by - less than ten minutes later - the club has adjourned.  Garage doors are shut.  Everyone has presumably returned into the comfort of their homes.

I love seeing them every morning.  I have no idea who they are - I've never even come close enough to look at their faces.  But, from a distance, they appear to be good friends who enjoy starting their day off with one another.

They remind me of my friends.  Those women who have built me up over the years...  Praying for me.  Encouraging me.  Helping to form me into the woman I am today. 

With such a busy school schedule right now, there is very little time to get together with girlfriends.  But every single morning I think of them and praise God for the way they've blessed my life.

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