Sunday, November 7, 2010

Only you and me days

Zachary was our only child for two years and ten months. He loved it. He loves having a little brother too, but he relished in having Mom and Dad all to himself in those early years.

Now Zach is in school all day everyday, and Luke is loving his small doses of being the only child. Often, Bryan and I go out to lunch with Luke after school on Tuesday or Thursday. Luke's demeanor is completely different than it is after 4pm. He is giddy and affectionate - and he knows the world revolves around just him, even if just for a couple of hours.

Zachary hasn't been feeling well these past couple of days. He's been laying low, generally camped out on the couch watching a movie, or sitting quietly with a book or some art. Luke, on the other hand, has been bouncing off the walls with energy. Playing with Will next door, swinging in our backyard, doing hopscotch on the driveway, dressing up in costumes. He even had a birthday party with kids from school today. Since his brother has not been up to playing much, I have been the substitute playmate. Luke calls it "only you and me" time. We had an entire "only you and me day" on Thursday.

I just love it. He's rarely tender, slow, content to be close. But... On "only you and me days" that is exactly what we get.

Tonight I opted to read my American Government in the basement, sitting beside him while he played Wii. Every couple of minutes I'd catch him looking and me and smiling as if he'd just won the lottery. 

He. Was. So. Happy.

I love only you and me time.

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