Thursday, November 11, 2010

PE Calendar

Zach's PE teacher is a rock star.  She's so awesome that I'm thinking of double majoring - Elementary Education and Health and Physical Education.  Bryan will be thrilled to hear this.  Maybe I'm just happy and delirious and will wake up with a clear head (and only ONE major) in the morning.

She does a lot to teach the kids about nutrition and healthy eating.  Zach is frequently telling us which of our dinner items are fruits, veggies, whole grains...and of course the occasional "no food" like McDonald's french fries.  Thanks, Miss O.

But my favorite thing that she does is the monthly PE homework calendar.  Did you know that the surgeon general recommends an hour a day of physical activity for children pre-K through 12th grade?  With only 7 hours in a school day, it is easy to see how this is not doable within the confines of the school curriculum.  So, Miss O. sends home the calendar each month and we do physical activity as a family just about every night.  This month the activities range from bouncing on a trampoline for 20 minutes, to playing hopscotch, to playing throw and go (Zach's creation), to riding your bike for 30 minutes, to taking your dog for a walk.  Can you tell that she let the kids make activity contributions this month?  Last month we played capture the flag and freeze tag and rolled down Jared and Melissa's hill into our yard.  I love how the activities encourage not only Zachary to get active, but our entire family.  And I love that we are spending this time together.

The last time I played hopscotch was on my elementary school playground with my favorite little girlfriends.  And capture the flag and freeze tag were fun games to play with neighborhood kids when I was growing up.  It is so fun to relive those games now with our children.  I'm watching that calendar for kick the can!!

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