Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday tradition

So far, all birthday parties have been at our home.  Today marks the very first time we'll go out to celebrate with friends - and the first time we've had a party before the actual big day!  Since we didn't have time to plan in advance (because my husband is in the process of starting a new job and has had frequent appointments that the employer schedules 24-48 hrs in advance), we whipped together a plan two days ago.  We are going to Monkey Bizness to bounce and slide for two hours, then we'll come back here for pizza and cake.

And even though we couldn't do our normal big party planning, we did continue with our kids' very favorite birthday tradition.  Mom and Dad decorated for the party while the kids were sleeping.  It reminds me a lot of Christmas Eve!


Our creative kid wanted to rummage through left-over decorations to help him choose his theme.  He settled on sports, meets Cars, meets Batman, meets generic balloon hats! 

At this exact moment - five years ago - I started having contractions.  As the day progressed, so did my labor.  Twenty hours later, our boy arrived.

So...  While the party is the day before his actual birthday, big things were happening five years ago.  A favorite cherished memory for Mom.

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