Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A great fourth

It was another great July 4th for our crew.  If two-years-in-a-row constitutes a tradition, then we had our traditional celebration with the Stanions and Elliots.  Dinner and fireworks.

My boys lit fireworks for the first time.  They are their father's boys!  Mom would rather sit back and enjoy the show, but all of the guys are into blowing things up. 

Melissa was afraid to pull her popping strings apart!

Smoke bombs and sparklers are a huge hit.

Can you see the chicken who "laid an egg"?  It's a crowd pleaser for all ages!

The boys...  Next year we'll get a picture of all five kids.

A great time was had by all!

On the night of July 4th we headed out to Grandpa's to let off bigger fireworks and to watch the display at the high school across the street.  It was raining when this tradition began last year, so it was nothing like what we saw this year.  Neighbors all around us were letting off the most incredible fireworks I've ever seen.  It was awesome!  We're already counting the days till next year.  363.

Armed and dangerous...


The city's fireworks.

Now back to ours...



And...  The tradition of short-sheeting Grandpa and hiding a dismembered arm in his shower continues.  The family that pranks together, stays together.

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