Monday, July 18, 2011

Reading for pleasure

In April, I was fantasizing about reading for pleasure this summer.  After spending all school year studying, I planned to enjoy myself over the break.  I had no idea that reading for pleasure would mean reading triathlon books, online articles, and product reviews!

While it's received absolutely no reviews on, my favorite book is Sam Murphy's Traithlon: Start to Finish.  She has great insight and advice and the book is an amazingly easy read!  It's perfect for me. has a lot of articles that I've read too.

I keep reading that much of triathlon is mental.  I've known for a long time that my endurance is entirely mental, and I have never had an inner competitor who pushed through pain or discomfort.  If I want to walk, I walk.  However, walking my bike sounds really embarrassing, so I've started to grow a little endurance and determination.  What I've lacked in determination all these years, I've made up for in spunk and ambition.  I finish everything I start, but I don't necessarily finish with gusto (but I am always smiling). 

Somewhere I read one triathlete say that she talks to her legs when they want to give out.  She's rather insulting, so I've had to tailor this approach.  I've started saying (to my legs - sometimes out loud), "C'mon, girls, you can do this!!!  Don't give up!" works!  I'm taking hills faster, never stopping, and figuring out how to shift efficiently. 

And...  As I've learned to stick it out on the bike, I've found that I have more endurance and determination while running too.  Truth be told, running is my greatest weakness.  But I had the best run ever yesterday - 3 miles in 33 minutes.  Maybe I should be embarrassed by that, but this later 30's, mother-of-two, renowned run/walker is so very proud.

To my boys...  The next time you want to quit because what you're doing is just too hard, remember that improvement only comes through studying and practicing.  Also, you never learn anything if you get everything right the first time.  Nothing is out of reach, young men.  Now go practice something!

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