Saturday, August 6, 2011

Best laid plans?

I took the kids with me to shop for a dress for Bryan's class reunion tonight.  As we scoured the last of the stores within a 15 mile radius of our house, we found ourselves at the Saks Fifth Avenue outlet.  With crystal displayed on tables just inside the door, and beautiful gowns hanging all around us, I gave the boys a firm order:  "Touch nothing."

A few minutes later, I look up to see Luke rubbing a gown on his face.  He has a serious love affair with soft fabrics.

I reminded him not to touch and, of course, he asked why.

Me:  "Because everything is very fancy and very expensive.  Look at this beautiful white dress here.  Your grubby hands would get it dirty and it costs $385.  And it's so pretty, a lady might like to get married in it.  She won't want your dirty hands on her wedding gown."

Luke:  "You can buy it.  For our wedding.  It would be beautiful on you."

Me:  "Buddy, you need to grow up before you can get married.  It will be a long time before your bride will need to shop for her wedding gown."

Zach:  "So...  Can you and Luke just go into any random church and kiss and be married?"

We came home without a dress, but I sure got a lot of laughs out of our excursion.


Joleene said...

very cute! as frustrating as little boys can be, they are such sweethearts!

Cori said...

That is a fabulous story! Made me laugh out loud. :)