Wednesday, August 10, 2011

T Minus 4

Luke is over the moon with excitement and anticipation.  He received a letter from Mrs. Graber today, welcoming him to her kindergarten class.  Included was a picture of Mrs. Graber with her son.  He will also be in Mrs. Graber's class.  Luke lit up like a Christmas tree!  He just couldn't believe he was finally laying eyes on his teacher and one of his classmates.  I can't wait for them to finally meet.  He is going to love it!

So...  With great anticipation, we finished buying school supplies today.  Luke is stoked to finally have to buy supplies!!  He's a BIG kid now!

And we put the kids to bed earlier.

But Zach didn't stay in bed.  It's 9:18pm and he's sitting on the couch behind me.  I have promised to wake him up very early tomorrow.  He will regret not going to bed on time, but I'm pretty sure I will regret it more.  Someone will be cranky ... but hopefully it will help him to understand the need to go to bed on time!

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