Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am a teacher

It has just donned on me that I am a teacher.  I think the fact that my job as a homeschool teacher doesn't require a degree led me to discount my work.  Then it hit me - I don't have a teaching certificate, but I have students.  I have people under my influence.

I hope and pray that I am more than just an educator imparting information onto young brains...  In the ways that Mr. Morris, Mr. Lane, Mrs. Allen, Ms. Crispino and Mr. Custer were teachers - I pray that I am that kind of teacher.  The kind who shares more than knowledge.  The kind who writes permanently on the pages of a young person's life.  The kind who sees the whole person - the heart, the potential, the needs.  The kind who feeds.  The kind who encourages and nurtures.

This job - my job - comes with tremendous responsibility.  And it's a tremendous honor.  How on earth was I chosen to be among the ranks of those wonderful teachers who've gone before me?  I pray that I am able to do for my students what they did for me.

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