Tuesday, August 2, 2011

First Annual Family Canoe Trip

I have often said that I dream of things like traveling by RV, camping, sending my kids to camp, going to family camp, taking canoe trips, white water rafting, hiking, etc...  Don't get me wrong - Fiji and long cruises sound dreamy too - but I'm more of the keep-it-simple, spend-time-with-my-family-on-a-budget type.  I'm definitely not a Disney girl.  You can keep your amusement parks and costumed characters...

That said, this past weekend was a dream come true for me!  We went on our church's first annual family canoe trip.  I have encouraged Bryan for years to take the boys on the father/son trip, but it's never worked out.  This year I decided they were going - no discussions - but when I went to register them, I stumbled upon the FAMILY trip!

Best stumbling I've ever done.

Over the weekend, we enjoyed the campfire every night with friends.  Played in the inflatable water park.  Socialized at the pool party.  Canoed eight miles.  Ate three meals a day with friends.  Received a great message on Sunday morning.  Worshiped the Lord by acoustic guitar.  Played on the playground.  And watched Zach conquer some serious fear on the ropes course.

Have I mentioned how amazing that young man is?

A year and a half ago he wouldn't go up in a McDonald's Playland play structure and this weekend he did this...


And earlier that morning the entire family was challenged, as we faced a great deal of thunder, lightning, and pouring rain on the river.  There was no where to go, so we cuddled together on an island, praying and reassuring the kids that we were going to be fine.

And we were.  Once the rain stopped, the cloud cover was a welcomed relief from the hot sun!  We had a wonderful time the rest of the day.

We are already looking forward to going again next year.  Best camping weekend ever!

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