Monday, August 8, 2011

T Minus 6

It's back to reality in six days.  We are (frantically) savoring these final days of summer.  Doing things we won't be able to do once the kids and I are in school, I'm teaching part time, and Bryan returns to full-time work.  The first of these transitions begins in a week, the next two days later, the next a week later, and then Bryan should go back to work a week after that.

Till then...

Today Luke recovers from yesterday's noon - 9:30pm playdate.  Zach recovers from that same playdate, plus a sleepover.  No one bothers to brush their hair before noon.  Zach and I are still in jammies.  Zach hasn't yet brushed his teeth.

Bryan and Luke are Wii bowling in the dark.  Zach is building Bionicles, grateful that Bryan and Luke are providing the glow from the TV and allowing him to use the tabletop lamp.

I will take a run - probably on the treadmill.  And eventually I'll clean house and double check Zach's school supply list to make sure we've got everything.

Today we're chillin'.  Maybe I'll send Bryan out for a Redbox this afternoon.  Or we could watch the Notebook or Message in a Bottle off the DVR.

Next week we'll hit the ground running.  I'm grateful for today's down time.

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