Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baseball and sneezes

As I studied in the corner of the living room yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Zach watch baseball on TV with his dad.  This is a first; or maybe a second.  Zach's not really into watching sports on TV, and his dad loves sports.  All sports.  But especially baseball.  Bryan played college baseball and had dreams of coaching little league as each of our sonograms indicated a baby boy.

Then came the boys, each with their unique personalities, interests and abilities.  Zachary tried t-ball and a few basketball clinics as a preschooler, before we threw in the towel and decided to wait entirely for his prompting.  He really wasn't into team sports...  Then came soccer and the discovery of Zach's confidence, and love of physical activity, game rules, strategy, and camaraderie of the team. 

And yesterday a baseball game on TV piqued his interest.  I listened as Zach was wowed by the pitcher, noting aloud the 89 mph speed he saw flashed on the screen.  Father and son chatted about Daddy's days as a pitcher, some of his glorious plays, pitching style and Major League speed.  Zach was impressed.  Until he remembered that a person sneezes at 100 mph, so a ball thrown at 89 mph was really not all that impressive.

Zachary warms my heart.  His mind is so simple and vastly complex at the same time. 

I am so happy for Bryan to have had that lovely father son moment of watching a ballgame together.  And I wonder...  Will this child of ours play baseball?  Will he be more interested in analyzing sneezes and other scientific matters?  Will he do a combination of both or neither? 

Raising this child is entirely my honor and privilege...and my entertainment.

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