Sunday, August 15, 2010

My prayer for teachers

Every summer I pray a lot for the teachers at my boys' schools.  Having grown up in a {secretly} abusive home, I personally know the value of a loving teacher who provides a safe and encouraging place for kids.  My teachers {at school and church...and my amazing Girl Scout leaders} were my lifeline as a young girl...and most of them had no idea.  

I pray that our teachers will have the wisdom and equipping to reach every single child where they are at.  That they will be that perfect mixture of loving, flexible and firm.  That they will go the extra mile to teach the kids what is needed beyond academics.  That they will have eyes to see beyond the challenging behavior and instead see the heart and potential of these little people.  And, of course, that at every {difficult} turn they will advocate for the needs of those who don't have a voice.  Sadly, we are in every school worldwide.

When I was a student, I was a girl without a voice.  I didn't know how to say thank you or even acknowledge their kindness...but I vividly remember many specific moments that changed my life.  The first male teacher who didn't lay a hand on me and instead laid the foundation of my restored view of men.  The first woman who told me that I could do anything and actually believed it for me.  The school counselor who told me that I was "responsible for my day"...that an abusive childhood did not have to define me.  The man who said he loved how I "lit up like a Christmas tree" when I figured something out.  The man who occasionally "loaned" me lunch money; however, never asked for my repayment.  As a woman, it is their encouragement and kindness that rings louder than all of the discouragement combined.

God bless our teachers.  Theirs is a tall order...and a vital part of most American lives.  Continued prayers for our teachers worldwide throughout the 2010-2011 school year.  May you have an impact beyond anything you could imagine.  You have blessed my life so richly.

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