Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Busy mornings

I'm already overwhelmed by our morning schedule.  It's only been three days of having to be at school by 8:50am (can drop off as early as 8:35) and I'm already not loving the early'ness.  I had to wake Zach up yesterday - that is not normal.  When I went to get him at 7:55am, he said "But I'm so tired."  When I said, "But, Honey, it's almost at 8 o'clock." he shot out of bed.  Thankfully.  He showered, dressed and ate in record time, but I had to stay on him to keep him focused.  I never enjoy that - feels like nagging.  Can we go back to starting school at 12:50?  Or even 10am?

And starting will no longer be just Zachary that needs to be out the door.  I start school on Thursday morning.  And Luke next Tuesday.  Plus I've got three other online classes that I need to be disciplined enough for on my off-campus days.

I just remembered...we have the dog.  Gotta make sure he gets out, fed and watered, loved on a little and back into his kennel before we leave.

This is going to be a crazy ride.

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