Saturday, August 14, 2010


The first of our August 2010 milestones passed yesterday.  Zach is officially a first grader.  The kids started school on a Friday.  Some were perplexed by this, but these first time all-day-school parents are relieved to have the weekend to recoup.  The day - and days leading up to it - were emotion-filled, to say the least.

Every day this week, Zach would get up and look at the calendar and announce how many days were left before the big day.  There was much excitement over Back to School Night on Wednesday - meeting his new teacher, discovering whose class all his friends were in, locating his first-ever locker, sitting in his desk and finding out that he will start this new year off sitting right beside the little girl who lived next door to us for so many years.

Thursday night he declared that he "was so excited that he couldn't stop moving!"  This was at 6:30pm.  At 8:30pm we were settling into pj's and prayer, when Zach asked me to pray about a lot of things having to do with school.  As I was wrapping up, he added "and pray that I won't cry all the way home because I missed you guys so much."  His sweet eyes turned red and welled up with tears...and he asked if we could all sleep together.  We prayed some more and I reassured him that we would all be great and that school was going to be an absolute blast that he should enjoy, knowing that we are eagerly waiting for him at home.

He practically skipped into school and had a wonderful day.

That is, till he recounted indoor recess (due to excessive heat) and realized that he had not been picked during a game of Heads Up 7-Up.  He bowed his head, started to cry, and declared that "the first day of every grade sucks!"  It was so sad, I thought Bryan was going to cry.  Bryan had missed Zach all day and to see his boy crying over a recess game (and knowing that he sat in a classroom for seven hours with only one other boy from last year's kindergarten class...missing his buddies that he'd hoped to be in class with again this year) just broke his (our) heart.  Thankfully this outburst was over almost as quickly as it came on.  A little while later, he was replaying his entire day with sincere happiness and excitement.  He is going to love 1st grade.

Next week, Mom's up.  Returning to college at a minivan.

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