Thursday, August 5, 2010

Swim. Dive. Play.

Bryan has been a member of our local IBEW for 14 years.  I think we've attended one Christmas party and one other celebration in the 8 1/2 years that we've been married.  Neither were on IBEW property.  The have annual celebrations for Independence Day and Labor Day, including parades, picnics, swim parties, etc...  The grounds are actually quite nice!  Bryan's a union guy no doubt, he's just not the kind of guy who desires to hang out around work outside of work.

Then one day he took the kids with him to run something out to the hall.  The boys spotted the swimming pool.  The swimming pool with a diving board!

So...  On July 9th we headed out to the hall to swim.  And jump off the diving board.  And play at the playground after.

This is the diving board; however, this picture is taken from the playground.  I was too busy swimming and playing to take pictures while we were at the pool.  Duh.  So, this marked the day that each of the boys went off the diving board for the first time.  They were fearless.  They had a blast. 

The kids loved the playground too.  I'm pretty sure that this jungle gym is homemade.  I can just imagine a couple of electricians building this with their own hands, for their children's enjoyment.  I love that image.

And I love this pump.  It was perfect for rinsing mulchy feet.

I suspect we might actually venture out for future work parties and parades after that great day.

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