Saturday, March 5, 2011

I needed that

There is this woman named Pam who has come to our VBS kick-off meeting for the past few years to present an overall picture of what the week's VBS lessons are about.  Her main objective is to warm us up for the week we will be spending at VBS this coming summer, but it always ends up being a personal devotion - or mini-sermon - tailor made just for me.

I frantically took notes - in red ink.  Red ink used to be for correcting students' work...which was basically what I used it for today.

My favorite Pam nuggets:

You cannot see where the wind is coming from, but you know it is there and can feel it blowing you around.  In much the same way, the Holy Spirit is there.  And, if I'm paying attention, I can feel it...yet I cannot see it.

When I turn away from God, a difficult life circumstance becomes even harder.  But when I turn back to God, the situation is easier.  God is my help.

Life isn't meant to be hard.  It is only as hard as I make it.

I can trust Jesus.

Pray preemptively.  "When I get to something really difficult, don't let me forget you."

Walk the walk and talk the that the children watching me will learn do the same.

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