Sunday, March 27, 2011


Luke played his first soccer game of his life yesterday (first sport of any sort) and I missed it.  I was at our church's women's retreat.  I had an amazing weekend, but I had to choke back tears as I texted my boy great luck and love while sitting in our Saturday morning large group session.  I'm so thankful to Zach for taking video of the game.  The cameraman was moving and shaking a great deal, but so much more than that...he offered up awesome encouragement and instruction as he cheered for his younger brother and his team.  This is quite possibly the best home video I've ever seen.  From now on, I'm thinking maybe the kids should hold the video camera and narrate from their perspective.

Today Zachary scored his first goal of the season.  Before the game started I asked him if he'd score one for me and I'm so thrilled that he delivered.  The Rockets played an awesome game today!

Did I mention that it snowed during both games?  Crazy weather...  We'll be in sundresses and shorts for next weekend's games. 

Cutest of all...  How many parents can say that their children have slept outside in the snow?  This was just around half time.  When we left 20 minutes later, the ground was covered in white and our fingers were frozen.

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