Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've missed this!

Without the distraction of studies these last few days, I've really enjoyed my old normal.

We've had dinner with friends.
I finally got new running shoes.
I've gone on several runs.
I took Luke to an outdoor McDonald's Playland... He was so thrilled!
I've played basketball with the boys every morning before school and most days after school.
We had drop-in company for an hour last night.
I went to Zach's soccer practice and practiced with Luke.
I helped Zach re-learn how to ride his bike.
We went to the park as a family one evening.
I've done a lot of laundry, dusted and vacuumed, and changed bed sheets.
I've played several games of Sorry with the family.
I cuddled with Luke in front of the TV yesterday.
I've even sat down for breakfast with my kids!  (I usually clean the kitchen while they eat.)
And...  I grounded Luke from all computer and video games for throwing tantrums.  Grounding from electronics means much more work for Mom, but I've risen to the occasion.

I love being a wife and mother.

Vintage McDonald's

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