Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring break

The kids' spring break comes to a close tomorrow; just as mine begins.  We have had more going on in these last 11 days than we have ever had in our entire marriage.  To top it off, after two and a half weeks of unpaid time-off, Bryan went back to work on Monday (this is a great thing, but boy could I have used the extra hands around the house this week!).  I had a full course load of assignments, plus exams in every single class this week.  And there was a dental appointment, a farewell lunch with a childhood friend who is moving to New York City, soccer practice, and Breanna came to visit us for the day on Friday.

The week was a blur and I hate the way rushing and being over-scheduled makes me feel physically.  I cannot relax and I am constantly exhaling and sighing.  My mind runs non-stop and I barely sleep.  I hate it.

I have one mid-term that is due by tomorrow night, and another that is due a week later.  Phew!  I am so grateful that my Mass Communications professor gave us all of spring break to take our exam.

So...  I have a to-do list for my spring break. Between mid-terms and assignments, I've actually fantasized about the things on my to-do list.  That probably makes it more of a wish list...soon to be dream-come-true list!

Finally get fitted for new running shoes.
Run every single day.
Have a nice long visit with my cousin.
Do laundry.
Take my Mass Communications mid-term.
Get my teeth cleaned.
Get the dog's nails trimmed.
Pick up my prescription.
Enjoy 24 hours at my church's women's retreat.

How sad is it that I want to do laundry?  It just feels like forever since I've done normal mom stuff.  As grateful as I am for this second chance to finish my college education, I am longing for the lazy days of summer when I just get to be a full-time mom again.  I miss my kids and the simplicity of worrying only about balanced meals, homework and the kids' schedules.  (If I ponder aloud the possibility of knocking a class out during the summer, slap me.)

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subdrummer said...

I personally like the 24 hours for the women's retreat...cause I get to see you. This weekend...can't wait. (((HUGS)))