Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grammar 101

I may just be really cranky because I have a little cold and am sleep deprived, but I'm feeling snarky about grammar today.

I am not the grammar police, but I was one of those kids who corrected people all the time.  You can see how that made me ultra-popular.  Nowadays, the only people whose grammar I correct are my children.  (Is that sentence even grammatically correct?  It sounds weird.)

The incorrect use of "I" and "me" is driving me crazy today.

Two basic rules:
  • When listing names, the reference to yourself goes last.
  • When deciding between "I" and "me", take everyone else out and say the sentence back to yourself to see how it sounds.

Me and Tonya are going to dinner.  WRONG.  Tonya and I are going to dinner.  Put yourself last.  (I could totally work a Bible lesson in right here, but I'll resist.)

Granny sent a gift to Tonya and I.  How does "Granny sent a gift to I" sound to you?  WRONG.  Granny sent a gift to Tonya and me.  Ahhh...  So refreshing to hear you say it the right way. 

Sorry.  This just drives me crazy and today I'm showing my true snarky colors.

Zach and Luke, I probably won't forget to teach this to you... but if I do... please heed my advice here and get this right.  Use "I" and "me" correctly.  I thought I was so brilliant always using "you and I", but then your dad pointed out (about 10 years ago) that I had it wrong about half the time.  There's more than one grammar-fanatic in this house. 

And  please don't say ATM Machine.  It's redundant.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is good to have control over something. Even if it is English. :)