Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great job, Dynamite!

Six weeks of U5 soccer flew by.  Our season ended on Saturday.

We ended on a high note.  It's always great when kids play soccer with smiles pasted on their faces and a spring in their step.

Always great when your child scores a goal in his last game of the season and then looks at you like he's a rock star immediately after. 

Always great when Coach lifts his player into the air at mid-field after a goal.  What kid doesn't like to fly a little during soccer?

Always great to run through a human tunnel.

Always great to be a part of the team huddle (which includes your big brother because he's convinced his your Assistant Coach).  GO-O-O DYNAMITE!!

Always great to get a medal.

Always great to play with friends...even when your best friend is out of town on Easter weekend (we missed you, Joel!).

Always great when Coach also goes by Daddy.

And always great to kick your ball all the way back to the car.

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