Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools - not so much

I don't know quite how to put this...

Most people see Zach as being very serious and almost perfectly behaved.  When away from home, he is very focused, controlled and respectful.  He minds all the rules, dresses impeccably, and has excellent manners.  He is not a child prone to outbursts and distraction, and he gravitates towards others who are like him.  He will play with the "wilder" kids at recess, but if they get "too wild" or break rules...he's out!  He's so committed to "doing the right thing" that anytime he gets to invite two friends to sit with him in private dining during lunch (a special treat he always buys with his Brim Bucks), he always picks the best behaved boys. 

Now, don't get me wrong.  He really lets loose with his family.  He tunes his parents out, he picks fights with his brother, he acts wild and crazy, the noise level is always off the hook, he burps, he makes announcements about things he needs rather than asking politely, he interrupts, he has friends over and they jump on furniture and blast guns at each other for hours.  HE IS NORMAL.  He's just ultra-well-behaved when he's not at home.

But, I really thought that by now he'd have lightened up a little.  I picked up some funny t-shirts at a garage sale last summer...  They have sassy statements on the front.  Mom + Dad = MONEY.  I'm the most awesome person I know.  But he thinks they're not nice.  Not appreciative.  Disrespectful.  Bragging.  Obnoxious.

How could he possibly go out in public with such statements on his shirt?!?!

I bought this one too.

I think it's funny.  His teacher is cool and she'd probably think it's funny too.  But, Zach's not convinced.  We've discussed for months that he'd wear it on April Fools Day.

Surprise, surprise.  He wouldn't wear it this morning.

"But, Mom, of course I did my homework.  It's just not a nice shirt."

So, now I'll pack it away and let Luke have it.

Watch out, world, Luke is gonna bring it!  He's full of sass, comedy, sarcasm, and teasing.  I became convinced when he was just a toddler that the police will one day call me because of a prank he's pulled.  He is not at all prim and proper...  He's a party waiting to happen.

My mom would totally say that Zach gets this from me!  Boy did I use to be uptight serious.  But there's something about delivering a baby, saying and singing very silly things to said baby in public, and dressing in costume, getting on stage and playing musical instruments in front of strangers in children's museums that just changes a person.

You're way cool, Zach.  I love you just the way you are.  And, frankly, I really, really, really, really, really, really love your sense of fashion!  I don't do holey jeans, stained shorts, or shirts emblazoned with catchy sayings or Disney characters either.

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