Sunday, April 3, 2011

If I ever need a pick-me-up...

...I might not check in with Luke.

As he runs across his bedroom laughing in the darkeness, Luke says:  "I just had gas in your face!"

Luke:  "What would happen if you just shaved your mustache off?"  (If I have a mustache, I have no real friends; as no one has ever mentioned it!)

Luke:  "Hey, Mom. I'm sniffing your armpit."

Earlier today someone asked me if I ever felt a twinge of sadness that I don't have any daughters.  I wonder if girls whisper these same sweet nothings to their mothers as they end their day with hugs, kisses, and prayer?

Then...  As we said our final goodnights, he said:  "You're my first best friend, Mommy.  I love you.  Be safe in the storm tonight."

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