Saturday, February 28, 2009

25 Random tidbits about Tonya

Since I took the time to post this on Facebook a few days ago, I figured I'd post it here too...
1. I worked briefly as a live-in nanny for a family on the Plaza in 1993. The family was awful, but the Plaza lights were beautiful at Christmas time.
2. I worked at Sheplers Western Wear in 1994. I still have the boots to prove it! I was country crazy... I could two-step and swing dance back in the day.
3. Marci and Michelle are the first friends that I have a memory of (age 5), but Susan was the first girlfriend I ever let know all my secret thoughts (age 30). Now everyone knows my secret thoughts (you're reading them now). I have really amazing friends. Amazing.
4. I would go on the Amazing Race in a heartbeat, but would not be willing to do a food challenge. Neither would Bryan, so I'd either need to do it with a different partner or we'd just be eliminated. I'd rather be eliminated...
5. I lived in Orlando from age 21-27. I loved the beach and area attractions, but I missed the Midwest every single day. For me - you can't beat older parts of this city in the spring and summer. I love hydrangeas, vines and shade trees. And old buildings with character too. Nothing in Orlando is much older than I am and nothing worthwhile grows in sand.
6. I didn't figure out how to be a good student until I was about 25. If I went back to college now, I'd sit in the front row, enjoy the reading, and ask every question I had.
7. I have discovered that healing beats coping - always.
8. I love my in-laws.
9. I have two children. In my lifetime, I have been pregnant for 18 months and one week; labored for 39 hours and 15 minutes; and nursed babies for two full years. I remind my kids of this every time one of them does something to jeopardize his well-being. "I've put a lot into you - be careful!"
10. I have not worked out in over 7 years. Sometimes I think I want to, but I get tired just thinking about it. ha
11. I do not buy cakes.. I took a cake decorating class and have determined to make all birthday cakes from here on out. My kids LOVE it.
12. I am not artistic at all! I cannot sing, play an instrument, draw or paint... I love photography, but I wouldn't say I'm good at it. I can hold my own when it comes to scrapbooking though. Does that count as art?
13. I have recently started writing a book. I have one story to tell. One. I am not creative.
14. We never traveled when I was growing up. I went to Dallas with friends right after I graduated from high school. Prior to that, I'd never been outside of this state or the one directly to the east. (We lived in California and Oregon when I was very little, but I don't remember it.)
15. I don't like to watch movie previews or read the info before renting... I prefer to be completely surprised. However, I always flip to the end of a book to know how it ends before I get far into it.
16. My birth father is 6'4" and probably still has a 30" waist. My boys' pediatrician has predicated that they will be about 6'5". Looks like we passed all the "tall" genes on to our kids. Also - my father has red hair and freckles. I thought for sure I'd pass that on!
17. As a kid, my favorite sports were swimming, diving, ice skating, gymnastics, baseball, and doing bike stunts with the neighborhood boys. I desperately wanted a blue and yellow BMX, but instead got a pink huffy with a banana seat! I think I'm still mad about that.
18. While I've never really had a desire to get a pet, I've had quite a few. Dogs have been the most popular, but cats and fish too. (Did that sound like Dr. Seuss to you?)
19. I spent 10 days in Europe with friends in 1998. We traveled by train between Paris, Amsterdam and London. I was so excited when I left, I just knew I was returning a changed woman. That eventually faded - I'm back to knowing nothing about art, history and culture.
20. I would like to live in Paris... more of an extended vacation really. Bryan wants nothing to do with this plan, so I keep selling it as a month long vacation. I just think I should live as a Parisian for a little while before I die.
21. I spend about 15 hours a week doing volunteer work related to child sexual abuse. The organizations I work with have an emphasis on - education, awareness, prevention and treatment.
22. I took several Caribbean cruises between the ages of 25 and 30. Since having kids though, our typical vacation consists of a weekend in Omaha catching a minor league baseball game and hitting the zoo. We did go to Washington D.C. last summer - that was wonderful.
23. I forbid for our TV to ever land on MTV. That network is possibly single-handedly responsible for the moral decay of our society. "A Double Shot at Love", seriously? Trash TV.
24. Bryan and I used to do a lot of gardening and landscaping before we had the boys. We loved it. We should get back to that again. The rock wall and beds in front of our house - we did that!
25. Needles and knives freak me out (and always have) but my ambition as a 4th grader was to one day become a nurse. I am NOT a nurse. I am the last person who should ever consider nursing as a career.

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