Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're sick.... but excited!

What a week.. I came down with a nasty stomach bug on Tuesday night. It was so bad that I didn't come out of my bedroom for nearly 48 hours. Bryan had to miss a basketball game on Wednesday night in order to stay home and take care of the kids. He has season tickets with his dad, so it's not as if he didn't go to the 17 other home games this season... Still - I felt bad. Rock chalk. As my stomach was getting a little better, Zach came down with a bad sore throat. He had a fever last night and has been coughing some. He's temperamental and is napping right now - for the second day in a row. I know he's sick when he naps... Bryan came down with pink eye last night! What a weird combination of illnesses we've had this week. Pink eye, however, did not stop him from going to the basketball game today! Luke is the only one who has not been sick this week.. But he always naps at this time, so both boys are fast asleep.

I've used this time to catch up on another ministry lesson and drafted some marketing stuff for the Run and Rally to Stop the Silence. It is the 6th annual walk to raise awareness of the epidemic of child sexual abuse. Early next week, I will begin sending this piece I just drafted to church leaders in the areas surrounding Washington D.C. - that's where the walk is this year. My role with Stop the Silence is to get churches involved in the effort to raise awareness, fund prevention and treatment for victims of sexual abuse, and to allow victims to have a voice - coming out of the silence! It is an exciting organization and I'm thrilled to be able to help. Brace yourselves... I may be organizing a walk in our metro area next year! In addition to inviting church leaders to participate in the D.C. walk, I am also being allowed to encourage them to start support groups at their churches. How awesome is that?!

By the way - if you're in DC - please consider participating in the Run and Rally to Stop the Silence, April 19, 8am - noon.

Well, I think I will go have a cup of tea before the kiddos get out of bed... I don't know why, but that suddenly sounds yummy. Glad to be back out of bed and in the blogging world again. We obviously do not have a laptop --- nor do we have DVR in our bedroom. Talk about a LONG couple of days!

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