Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our hearts' content...

Bryan and I have only had dinner out on February 14th once; and that was because friends invited us on a double date. We do, however, treat the kids to heart shaped donuts at Krispy Kreme every year. Most years I've taken them by myself, but this year we were delighted to have Daddy with us! And since it was a Saturday, we made the entire day a special occasion...

Luke loved starting the morning off with about 3,000 calories in donuts!

Zachary too..

From there we headed down to a shopping area that never struck me as extraordinary, till this weekend.. As we walked from one place to the next with our children, I noticed all the connecting catwalks and corridors that I'd taken for granted my entire life. This "mall" connects to two hotels, a children's creative museum place, a performing arts theater, an outdoor ice rink, an area for traveling exhibits, and every other ordinary shopping mall feature.

We started out at the children's creative museum. In this shot, Bryan is helping the boys draw on cardboard that will eventually be cut into a puzzle.

Zach helps cut his puzzle.

Luke loved the sink that's powered by a foot peddle. We had one of these in my grade school bathroom!

From there we went to see the traveling Wizard of Oz exhibit. Our kids had never seen the movie, so Zach spent the next 24 hours asking us all about it. Blockbuster doesn't carry it and it's not sold at Target or WalMart anymore, so we frantically called and emailed our friends trying to find a copy. We finally found one... And watched the movie three times in less than 24 hours!

The kids really love the Wicked Witch of the West and her monkeys.

Sitting in Dorothey's lop-sided house after it landed on the witch.

And we ended our trip with a burgers and fries, delivered to our table by a train!

We ate more junk in one day than is typical, but thankfully no one threw it all up... Which was certainly a possibility, considering that Mommy also gave the boys M&M filled hearts, NaNa brought over a plate of brownies and Grandpa brought over cookies.

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rachel vaughn said...

Fun!! Those are the things I loved doing when we moved to KC when I was little, and ever since I hit the too-old age limit, I've looked forward to having kids to take--just a few more years now.