Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day Party

Mom and Zach made cupcakes for the party

This heart accordion represents God's unending love for us

Zach and his friend made thumbprint love bugs with Miss J.

And he made hand print cards with Mom and friends

After we finished with crafts, the kids talked science, did puzzles and dressed up with Miss P.

Zach dressed up as a scientist - the job he now thinks he wants to do as a grown-up... Notice that magnifying glass!

"ABCDEFG - thank you God for feeding me. Amen."

Musical hearts, Valentine's Day style. Instead of eliminating a child, we eliminated hearts. The goal was to fit as many kids a possible on one heart! With today's low attendance we all fit on one.

Friends listen to the rules for the next game

My funny Valentine

Worship time

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