Friday, February 20, 2009

Bye-bye, crib ... Hello, big boy bottom bunk

It was obvious that Luke was not going to move out of his crib if it was still an option, so Sunday night we made a big deal out of taking the crib apart and moving some of Luke's things into the boys' new shared bedroom. We gathered Daddy's tools and Luke's play tools and Luke and Daddy disassembled the crib together. Then, Mommy, Luke and Zachary moved some of Luke's things into the room the boys would now be sharing. Zach expressed some concerns about this, "Uh, that's going to take up some room..." But he got over it quickly. We all fussed over Luke being such a big boy (Grandpa was here too) and Zach explained how big boys sleep. Luke was very excited, until bedtime rolled around. He cried and cried. Begged for his crib. Then begged for Mommy to snuggle him; which I did. He calmed down enough for me to leave and eventually drifted off to sleep. He's been sleeping happily in his big boy bottom bunk ever since.

Uh, yes.. He is swinging from a bar that supports the top bunk. He loves playing "monkey".


Cori said...

This summer we're moving our boys into bunkbeds, too. :)
Oh, and I love the bedding!

Tonya said...

I found the bedding at last year. It was a bargain! At the time they did "ship to store" for free, so it was an even better deal. I sorta hate WalMart, but this was a great find! Bunk beds are fun! The boys LOVE them. I will warn you - making the beds is a total racket!