Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bedtime battle zone

Bryan, bless his heart, is at the grocery store right now picking up a few odds and ends. I have been left at home to settle the boys into bed. Usually, this is easily accomplished and quite enjoyable... But, the kids were with a new babysitter while we went to small group tonight, we let them stay up later than usual, and they were wiped out when it came time to dress for bed (big mistake). Luke was particularly... challenging! Instead of going up for bed, he wanted to eat Apple Jacks (beginning of the meltdown). He would not go up willingly, so I had to carry him up (meltdown worsening). I laid him on his changing table and removed his pants (still crying, but settled a little). When I reached for his diaper, he started going nuts (mega-meltdown!). I managed to get it off, but he was clawing and screaming "MY DIAPER". Next thing I know, he's standing on the table as I reach for the diaper cream... He is furious, and jumps on the table, breaking it (AGAIN). This is the last straw. I tell him the table is broken forever and that Daddy is not going to fix it (Bryan has pieced this thing together more times that I wish to admit in the last month). I put it in the hallway and said no more changing table. Now he was crying, "MY TABLE! UP THERE!" I highly doubt he meant, "Mommy, I will cooperate if you just give me back my changing table." No.. I'm pretty sure he meant, "Who do you think you are, taking my changing table away?!" So, weary and frustrated, my plan is to start potty training and rid myself of this diapering dilemma once and for all. I expect that potty training won't be very fun either, but I'm hoping it is a light at the end of the tunnel.

As for Zach and his bed time routine tonight.. We usually giggle, read a book or two, snuggle, and pray together. Tonight, after leaving Luke's room, I walked down the hall to discover a huge lump under Zach's covers... Zach had pulled the covers over his head! When I said "What's going on, Buddy?" He said, "Too much crying. I went ahead and prayed. I just prayed what was in my heart. Good night, Mommy." I asked him to take another minute to pray with me - we prayed for Luke to be more cooperative, for Mommy to be more patient, and for all of us to find a better way to work with each other.

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