Friday, January 30, 2009

A big day at school

Like most of you, I volunteer for every class party that I can. So far I'm batting 1,000. However, since I can't bring Luke along, I have never volunteered on a non-party day. I have always wondered what a typical school day was like, but getting details from Zach is like pulling teeth. He can always tell me who wasn't there, what they had for snack and what they did for gross motor time, but other than that I usually get a bunch of "I dunno's".

Today Zach took an extra special something with him to school - HIS DAD! When I asked Zach how school was, he told me all about Duck Duck Goose - including the fact that Daddy didn't play. Daddy did, however, spend a lot of time in the block area with several of the kids. Aside from that, I got the usual "I dunno" in response to my questions. Bryan helped jog his memory, so I feel compelled to write it all down so that I will remember how his preschool days were spent.

Most of the kids were pretty excited to have Mr. Bryan at school. Some of the boys are used to Bryan being around, so it wasn't such a big deal for them. The girls, however, LOVED Bryan. Seems that he is still a chick magnet.

The teachers didn't have anything specific in mind for Bryan to do, so he just jumped in wherever he felt comfortable and thought that he wouldn't be in the way. The beginning of school was spent in the block area. Sounds like he spent a lot of time helping kids build parking areas for their planes, helicopters and other automobiles.

Zach loves the dress-up area, so Bryan helped Zach get into his "police" uniform - an old blue blazer with one button, a clipboard in one hand, a phone in one pocket and a magnifying glass in the other. Bryan said he looked more like a security guard than a cop, but Zach was very happy with his get-up.

I'm pretty sure he said that they played in the kitchen too. I've seen the kids spent countless hours in our play kitchen at home, so I can easily imagine the fun the kids cooked up at school today.

For snack they had Scooby-shaped graham crackers. I don't know why, but those do not appeal to me at all. The kids liked 'em though and that's what counts.

During gross motor time they did a lot of running and skipping - Daddy did that with the kids. After a while they decided to play Duck Duck Goose and that's when Bryan bailed out. He watched though and said the kids loved it.

They also played Bingo today - "Number Bingo instead of Letter Bingo". Zach wanted to be very clear about that... And of course there was art time. Zachary made a picture of his dad. You think he was excited to have him there today? He was over the moon; as were many of the kids. Bryan and I need to make more of an effort to come to school; especially on non-party days. That's when the kids least expect it and it seems to be such a blessing to them. I think this extra attention from Daddy will be enough to send Zach skipping through his weekend.

By the way, Bryan and the boys spent the 30 minutes leading up to school .... WRESTLING! When Bryan told one of Zach's teachers that, he received a delighted "THANK YOU!" Apparently the kids come to school a little wired - especially during the winter months when they can't get out to play as much.

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